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Expert Witness
Expert Witness Services for Vintage Car Legal Matters.

As a winning qualified expert court witness, Matt Thoraldson can assist your legal team in all matters pertaining to antique, classic and collector vehicles. Attorneys are experts in the law, but they are not experts when it comes to issues pertaining to collector vehicles. They will welcome the opportunity to have the assistance of an expert that knows the nuances of the collector car business and has been instrumental in winning cases related to collector vehicles.

Testimony in a wide range of cases:

Valuation: This is the most common reason that Steve's services are retained. It could be to determine the value of a vehicle prior to a loss suffered in an accident, to set a value in matrimonial or estate cases, or to assign a value for business, purchase or sale purposes.

Diminished value: Diminished Value cases are particularly relevant to collector vehicles. A vintage car's value is generally enhanced if it has never suffered any type of collision or structural damage. Once a vehicle receives damage of this type, its value is generally reduced—even if properly repaired. In many cases you may be entitled to recover this diminished value, which is often quite significant.

Vehicle misrepresentation: If you’ve purchased a classic car and you feel that it was misrepresented prior to the purchase, you may have legal recourse. This may be true whether you purchased the vehicle from a dealer or a private party. These types of cases are common given the routine nature of long-distance or sight-unseen purchases that are now so prevalent due to the ease of purchase over the internet.

Restoration and repair shop issues: Most restoration shops and repair facilities are honest, but there are some that are not.

Due to the nature of the collector car hobby/business it is common to find yourself entering into an agreement whereby a restoration shop agrees to restore your car and you agree to pay as invoiced.

But what happens when you discover that your beloved vintage vehicle has been sitting in a corner for months, or even years with little or no work accomplished, while you diligently paid invoices? What do you do when you find that the workmanship is not to the standards that you expected, or not even up to minimum industry standards? Finally, what happens when you discover that the completion of the restoration is going to cost many times the amount that you were quoted?

These problems, and others that are similar are very common. And the help of an expert witness that is familiar with industry standards will prove to be invaluable in making your case.

If you are looking for help in any of these legal matters, contact Matt Thoraldson

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