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Certified Appraisals

M.M.G Appraisals

Are you wondering what your car is worth? Protect your investment and get a certified appraisal from Mad Muscle garage! Our certified appraiser will be experienced, knowledgeable and use the highest USPAP standards to accurately document the true market value of your vehicle. Whether you're donating, selling, have insurance needs or just want to know the value of your car, a certified appraisal from us will ensure you get the best value for your vehicle. A carefully documented appraisal of your vehicle’s specifics, correctness, documentation, comps, and photos are key to the true market value of your vehicle. Don't wait - contact us today and get a certified appraisal for your classic car! We recommend an appraisal on your classic car and collector car every two years. *We offer both a in person vehicle appraisal as well as an online appraisal for out of state and international clients

Appraisal Services Types

Current market value

Diminished Value Appraisal Services

Third Party Appraisal (Total Loss)

Appraisals for Titles

Appraisals for Insurance Policy

Lease Turn-in Inspections

Estate Appraisals

Charitable Donations

*No charge for travel on vehicles within a 100-mile radius of the St Paul/Minneapolis area. We do travel worldwide for our clients, call for pricing!

*Transportation is available if you wish to purchase the vehicle being inspected call us for more information.